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Saving Utility Bills Natural Gas Savings

ESP ENERGY is the marketing arm of HRE, LLC.

HRE, LLC is an energy service company (ESCO) approved by the New York State Public Service Commission. HRE, LLC works together with your local utility company (National Grid/Keyspan, ConEdison) to supply you with the same natural gas at a substantial savings. Your utility company is still responsible for the delivery and service of your natural gas. Just fax, email or mail us a copy of your gas bill front and rear. We prefer copies of either January, February or March bills. We will then send you a no cost proposal within 1 to 3 business days.

It's Easy To Switch, Really!

All We Need Is Your Electric and Gas Bills

You'll remain with the same utility, same energy, same service, same bill... All at a lower cost!

Clients such as these will really benefit from signing up:

Benefits of Choosing


  • Rebate From The Utility: Reduction or elimination of merchant function charge (Utilities encourage the use of ESCOs)
  • Reduction in the price of gas on the supply side of your energy bill.
  • Reduction or Elimination of the sales tax on the delivery portion of your bill.
  • 80% reduction in the utility and state surcharge.

You will still receive one bill from the utility, there are no sign up fees, no cancellation fees and you can cancel at anytime if you do not see a cost savings.

Under our monthly variable price plan, most of our customers save up to 25% or more on their entire natural gas bill.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What does natural gas deregulation mean to me?
Prior to 1999, New Yorkers had to buy their natural gas directly from the Public Utility Company that serviced their area. Operating as regulated monopolies, the utility companies were not offering customers competitive pricing. All that has changed. Customers can now purchase the same natural gas from alternative suppliers called energy service companies (ESCO’s), instead of from their local utility.
Do utility companies approve of customers switching to ESCO’s?
Yes. National Grid/Keyspan and ConEdison endorse natural gas deregulation. In fact, they give special incentives to assist you with switching to an ESCO.
Will I receive the same quality natural gas?
Absolutely! All natural gas travels through the same pipeline system, so you are assured of the same quality natural gas.
How much will I save by switching to HRE, LLC through ESP ENERGY?
Most of our customers experience significant savings of up to 25% or more.
What makes HRE, LLC Group, LLC different from other ESCO’s?
They are a local company specializing in the supply of natural gas for our customers. They do not own and operate a home heating Oil Company with a fleet of trucks and drivers. Their lower overhead will help us provide you with a greater monthly savings.